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ABC Forlag is an independent publishing house located 40 km north of Copenhagen in Helsingør near the famous castle Kronborg. Each year we publish approximately 35 new titles both Danish and translated titles, which include both fiction, activity books, illustrated and narrative non-fiction titles with a clear quality profile.

The publishing house was originally founded in 1998 by Flemming Møldrup who until then had been an editorial director at Forlaget Carlsen. In 1999 Flemming Møldrup became the head of Denmark’s biggest and oldest publishing house, Gyldendal’s children’s department and ABC Forlag ceased its publishing activities. In 2006 Flemming Møldrup left Gyldendal to establish the new ABC Forlag.

We handle and sell the foreign rights to our children’s books as well as the film and TV rights. Even though we are a small publishing house we have something to offer everyone: we sell translation rights worldwide, direct and through sub-agents in selected markets, for authors and titles in all our genres.

Together we have almost 40 years experience working with foreign rights, contract negotiation and literary agenting and many of our titles have over the years been sold and published abroad.

Please contact our foreign rights manager with your inquiries regarding foreign rights, TV and film rights:

Flemming Møldrup

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